Assignment 1

Three Things I learned

  1. The first thing I learned is that javascript is intergrated in to html and css to make it more dynamic and interactive.
  2. The second thing I learned is that IP address are locations on the web. I only knew them under the context of routers.
  3. The third thing I learned is about white space. Even if there is white space in the code that it will still all format on one line.

AI explorations

Deep Learning AI

is a branch of AI that teaches computers to process data in a way like the human brain. It can be used to recognize patterns in pictures, text, sound, and other data to produce accurate insights and predictions. It uses a laayered architechure, where the input data is passed through an input layer and then propagated through multiple hidden layers, before reaching the output layer. Each layer applies a set of mathematical operations, called weights and biases, to the input data, and the output of one layer serves as the input to the next. The process of training a deep learning model involves adjusting the weights and biases of the model to minimize the error between the predicted output and the true output.



Semester Project Idea

I am somewhat certain I want to create a website about the research of AI. I want to gather a wide range of questions about AI, things like how will AI effect my career (for any spefic job) and answers those questions. The goal of creating this is to provide an overview of all kinds of AI and also serve as a mode of learning about AI for myself.