Assignment 2: Cory Olson

Part One : Here is Codecademy


Part Two

Part Three

In a new section of the webpage conversations.html you created in part 2, submit a list of at least three (3) websites that are similar to your semester project idea.

Part Four

Denise Jacobs argues that we all have a troll-like inner critic. Of the methods she identifies to banish this troll, which would be most successful for you? Why? I think the “If you’re not part of the solution…” strategy is the one that is most pertinent to me. I often have trouble starting projects and get too bogged down in the weeds and I identified that this strategy would help fix this.

In David McRaney's article, what is "hyperbolic discounting"? List one method McRaney identifies to counteract hyperbolic discounting. Which would work best for you? Hyperbolic Discount is the tendency to get more rational when you are forced to wait. It is the tendency to put things off because it is easier. The statement from the video thinking of the now you and the future you and doing what's best for both parties is the one I resonated with most. Because it elegantly makes me care of about the future me rather than do what's easiest